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Importance of Location when Buying a House.

August 26, 2021 0 Comment(s)

If you are planning to buy affordable flats in Faridabad, then one important thing you must always keep in mind is the location of the property. Whether you are investing in a luxury apartment or affordable housing in Faridabad, the importance of location remains the same for both. If you buy a house that has amazing features but is in the wrong location in terms of lack of civic amenities, then it is a very bad investment. In this article, we will share with you the example of Aagman flats and how its location has made it a great investment option.

Close to Educational Institutions

Parents are extremely focused on the education of their children. Therefore, the proximity of good educational institutions near the property ensures easy access for the children who live in those properties. You will find good quality schools, colleges, and other skill development institutions very close to the Aagman flats which makes it a great property for those who want to live there and raise their family.


The value of the investment in real estate depends greatly upon how easy it is to commute from the apartments to the city center, wherein the people come to work. The closest they are, the price of the apartment would be high. Even if the flats are a good distance away, but there is very developed infrastructure in terms of roads, highways, trains, and metros through which the inhabitants can easily reach their workplace in a very short time, then it would be a great investment option for you. Saving time is very important and if the daily commute takes less time and is also not very expensive, then the property price is going to rise in the future.

Basic Civic Amenities

In addition to school and easy access to transport infrastructure, the location of the property should be such that you will find already established civic amenities like hospitals, parks, post offices, banks, nursing homes, and others. If you are planning to raise your family, then these are essential civic amenities that you will need. ADVITYA HOMES are located in a place, wherein you will find fully functional civic amenities within your easy reach.


Millennials in addition to the essential civic amenities also look for other avenues to improve their lifestyle that includes restaurants, shopping malls, multiplexes, parks, and others. Therefore, the presence of these facilities near can significantly improve the price of the flats as it adds to their lifestyle.




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