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Why you should Physically visit the Property you want to Buy?

January 19, 2022 0 Comment(s)

Are you planning to invest in affordable housing projects in Greater Faridabad and the property is in the development stage? We suggest that you should go to the site and physically inspect the condition of the project as well as the state of infrastructure around it. Many people have invested their hard-earned money in affordable Flats in Faridabad without visiting the site and have now found that the project has stalled either due to any violation of a rule or the drying up of money to build apartments.

In this article, we will share with you some important reasons that why you must physically visit the real estate project where you are investing your money to stay updated regarding the progress.

Progress of the construction work

The first important reason is to see with your own eyes how much construction work has happened. This thing cannot be done through phone calls or getting email updates from your builder.

Better accountability

As a buyer, if you regularly visit the real estate project where you have invested the money, then it would put pressure on the builder to do his/her job sincerely. Your regular visit would keep the builder on his/her toes as he/she knows that any lag in his/her performance would be immediately apparent to you.


When a builder advertises a planned project, then it is important that as a buyer you should have a clear understanding of the land share ownership issue concerning the project. It is quite possible that during the construction phase the builder may make a few small changes to the overall plan which can sometimes add up to the overall cost. If you want to be kept in the loop all the time, then you must regularly visit the site to ascertain whether the claims made by the builder are authentic.

Personal satisfaction

Another important reason for your physical visit to the project site is to have the personal satisfaction of witnessing your dream home being given a concrete shape. Furthermore, when you regularly visit the site, you may request the builder to either add some extra amenities like installing a grill gate at the entrance for greater safety which you have not thought of earlier.

Planned deviation

Many times you will find that the developer has deviated from the plan he had shown you when you have made the first payment that includes the play area of the children, or not adding extra amenities that he/she has promised you earlier. If you regularly visit your site, then you will be able to notice these deviations and ask the developer to follow the plan and contract in letter and spirit.



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